Introducing TheWavePlug

Neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs in your home and cellular devices

TheWavePlug introduces a beneficial frequency to the electrical system of your home, office or work place neutralizing the harmful effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) that are emitted by our cellular devices, wireless technology and even simple electrical appliances.  TheWavePlug is “charged” utilizing a proprietary method.  The beneficial frequency may then be relayed onto other devices and technologies.


What are EMFs?

EMF’s or “electromagnetic fields” are generated by all electrical, wireless and cellular devices. The use of computers, cell phones and our wireless technology is woven within the fabric of our everyday life.  We rely on the invisible electromagnetic fields, or EMFs that make our wireless world tick.  The problem is the man-made EMFs associated with our technology have a negative impact on our body’s natural energy field.  This is the new invisible pollution.   We are immersed in these EMFs daily.  Some people experience physical symptoms that include fatigue, migraines, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), insomnia and brain fog.  For others, the symptoms are subtle — yet we are all impacted.  The time for TheWave is now.

To learn more about the dangers of EMFs see The Ted Talk by Jeromy Johnson, Wireless Wake-Up Call.

Kirlian Photographs

Kirlian photography is one way we may begin to understand the impact of EMFs on our natural energy field.

As our technology and wireless connection continues to expand, the impact of man-made EMFs on our natural energy fields are inevitable. The man-made EMFs cause a disturbance, or resistance to our natural field. This is experienced as a “drag” on our energy, vitality and well being.

These kirlian photos show EMF suppression created by the TheWavePlug.

Before The Wave
After The Wave



How To Use

Simply place TheWavePlug in any 110 V electrical outlet.  It will take 2 days for TheWavePlug to harmonize the energies of your home, office, work space etc.  TheWavePlug needs to be plugged into the outlet at all times. Just plug it in and forget it.  Within the 2 days, TheWavePlug will harmonize all items that are electric, including electronics appliances, wireless technologies as well as the materials of the building itself (walls and floors).

Despite its appearance, TheWavePlug is neither a socket nor an adaptor.  The outlet on the bottom and the light on the front are non functional.  They do not impact how TheWave works.  You will notice TheWavePlug will remain slightly warm.  

TheWavePlug works in any country.   See Special International Instructions.


Because chances are your cell phone is with you most of the time; once you receive your WavePlug, your first act should be to change the energies of your cell phone (and/or cellular tablet).  Simply place TheWavePlug on top of your cell phone for 3- 4 minutes. Your phone now holds the same beneficial frequency as TheWavePlug.  Your phone will hold this frequency for the life of the cell phone battery or until the battery is removed.  If your cell phone battery is totally depleted simply hold your cell phone on TheWavePlug for 4 minutes and optimize it again – or – recharge as normal by plugging it in to your electrical system and the frequency will be restored as it charges.  


Besides transforming from a user-harming into a user-supportive device, your cell phone is now ready to transfer the energies of TheWavePlug to as many other cell phones and cellular tablets as you want.  Simply place your charged cell phone on top of another cell phone for 4 minutes.  Once energized, the cell phones and cellular tablets will be optimized with the frequency of TheWavePlug throughout the life of their batteries.  Your new positively charged phone has the same capability as the originally charged phone and may also charge other cell phones.


And now the cell phone that was harmful to your health appears to hold a healing and restorative frequency.  When traveling, place your water or food over your cell phone for 3 – 4 minutes.  The positive charge is transferred.


What People Are Saying


Common comments include:

  • A feeling of soothing energy in the home
  • Restful and restorative sleep
  • Food in the fridge lasts longer
  • Reduced electric bills
  • Fresh cut flowers last longer
  • Absence of, or reduction of pests (insects, spiders)

Use whatever method you prefer to determine your own results. We are still discovering the many ways TheWave Plug can be beneficial and are just beginning to understand its full capacity. The development of TheWavePlug is based on proprietary technology. It was given as a gift to the world some years ago with the request to put it to as many tests as we needed, to know and accept exclusively that this is a great gift for anyone living in our energetically and chemically polluted environment…and indeed for the environment itself.


A Gift, From Us To You

This product is relatively new to the market. In the short time that it has been available, sales have come in from all over the world. So have the testimonials. While we cannot yet make guarantees, we feel the impact of TheWave Plug is profound and potential is limitless; truly a gift. Please let us know what your experience is with TheWave Plug. We would love to hear from you!

With gratitude,

  • Geoffrey Radford
    Developer of TheWave Plug

  • Darlene Green
    Exclusive Distributor of TheWave Plug